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Faery Tale Music
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Music of the Prettiest FearyTale

Hello and welcome to faerytalemusic! This community is dedicated to sharing enchanting, beautiful, nostalgic, uplifting, inspiring, and sometimes even a tad bit melancholic and bittersweet music that makes you believe that anything is possible.

This community will be updated with songs that the maintainers feel are worthy of sharing as 'Faery Tale Music'.

Anyone is welcome to join, comment, download, and suggest music but posting access is limited to the maintainers and we ask that all suggestions are made in [this] post. You also must be a member in order to see the posts. Requests for re-uploads are welcome, however, we ask that you comment on the most recent entry with a link to the post containing the song.
And remember, the music here intended for sample purposes only. Support the artists you love! You won't regret it.

And most of all, enjoy the music!

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